Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leisure Farm Johore

We have just been informed that there has been an infectious outbreak affecting the horses at Bale Equestrian Club at Leisure Farm, Johore. The infection is likely to be zoonotic, a type of infectious disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans, or from humans to animals.

Riders who are planning to ride at Leisure Farm are advised to shower thoroughly, disinfect/ clean riding gear (especially chaps, boots, breeches etc) before riding at other stables.

We are still in the process of trying to get more information about the horses at Leisure Farm. From what we know, they had to put down True Master, one of the school horses. Most of the other school horses are affected, but in stable condition. We will update the blog as soon as we find out more. Meanwhile, if you have information about the horses at LF, please do not hesitate to email us at the admin account riderswithoutborders (at) gmail dot com or send updates via the facebook group.

R.I.P. True Master. You were silly and stubborn at times, but always thoroughly loveable. We'll remember all your silly moments, like the time when you dragged your feet and pretended to be lame in the arena, and then mysteriously got better once we led you back into the stables. Or that time when you freaked out on the polo field and ran whinnying back to the stables (without your rider). I will always remember how you would impatiently paw the ground for more carrots, or stop right in the middle of the arena and try to nuzzle me when I was trying to teach a beginner (you big bully!) You taught me so much about riding and about horsemanship- I'm forever grateful.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre- another update

It’s been around 4 months since we’ve started riding at STCRC and I must admit, I’ve been quite happy with our rides there so far. For one thing, the horses are a lot calmer and better-schooled than before. The instructors have been doing an excellent job of training the horses, especially the off-the-track thoroughbreds. And yes, the jumps are finally in- no more barrel-jumping for us! Class sizes are usually pretty small- they can accommodate up to 8 riders per time-slot, and they usually split the riders into 2 groups (adults and kids). All the instructors I’ve had so far have been excellent- they are generally very positive and encouraging, but firm enough to get things accomplished. 

The only real problem we are facing now is the lack of consistency from one lesson to the next- we get different instructors and horses almost every lesson, and very often different/ new riders joining our group as well. Plus, my friends riding in the novice classes are often unable to book lesson slots as the demand for novice lessons is currently very high. Then again, it is a public school catering to lots of riders (like us) who wouldn’t get a chance to ride in Singapore otherwise. If you want to ride in Singapore and you don’t have the cash to afford a club membership, this is definitely the place to go. Just remember to book your lessons waaaaay in advance (you can book lessons up to a month in advance). 

Info about STCRC can be found in the earlier post. You can only register in person now, and you’ll probably have to pay for 1 trial lesson before the instructors determine which level to put you in.

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